The Christian Church of North America

Reaching and Equipping All Generations

Please Remember in Your Prayers

Brielle Difrancesca, Chris Ramos, Priscilla Bradburn, Joie Morris, Mary Dunham, John Bradburn, Annette Jones, Stan Grabiak, Frank Jones Jr., Denise Strejak, Irma Tatano, Jeff Grabiak, Charlie & Gail McEwen, Sarah Milligan, Mary Jane Long, Bill Lewis, Donna Herceg, Teresa Hancher, Paul Peyette, Marsha Marasco, Jean Pittman, Shirley Kelly. 

Prayer Information

Receiving Information - Anyone desiring to be informed about people in the hospital, or sickness, births, crisis, or prayer needs; please fill out the form on the back table in the church. Put your name and your desired method of being reached.

Giving Information - If you have a prayer need or have information that you would like to be given to the communication network, please email it to